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Industry Opt-in Rate Benchmarks

Using over one billion user sessions, our comprehensive Industry Benchmarks Report can help you see where you stand against the competition. Our benchmark report breaks down opt-in rates by industry, promotion type, bounce rate, and more.


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Justuno Industry Standards

In this benchmark report you'll find nine industry Justuno standard rates along with average opt-in rates by promotion type.

Make sure that you're remaining competitive with your company's peers and that you are optimizing your conversion rates today!

  • Based on over 1 billion user sessions
  • Nearly 11% of client revenue attributed to Justuno
  • Almost 15% reduction in client bounce rate
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BFCM Ultimate E-book

Our complete A-Z BFCM guide to get you through the busiest shopping season ever.

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Shady Rays Case Study

Learn how PS client, Shady Rays captured over 200K email leads in just 6 months.

Pura Vida Case Study

Pura Vida Case Study

Learn how Shopify Plus merchant, Pura Vida, increase their conversion rate by over 164%.

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