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Building Relationships with Customers on Instagram

Sep 19, 2017 11:00:00 AM | BY: Rachel Friedman

As a human it is part of my nature to want to connect with other humans. We are wired to create communities and be part of tribes. That is why building relationships and community is so important. The Internet and Social Media has created a place for people to gather and share their passions, thoughts, and products without even leaving our houses. Social Media is here to stay so we need learn how to adapt, because it’s just as important to cultivate a community online and build relationships with your customers there, as it is offline.

It makes sense to foster your community and build true meaningful relationships with your customers online, so that in the long run they become brand evangelists and share your products and services with their own communities.

Below you will find 6 tips to help you build authentic relationships with your followers (and soon to be followers) on Instagram (and in turn other social networks).


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