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How to Grow Your Conversio List With Justuno

Apr 2, 2018 12:00:00 AM  |  BY: Jenna Ochoa


The team at Conversio approached us about an integration after several of their customers had been asking for it.

That’s what we like to hear!

When we have user demand, we listen and get to work.

So, we’re happy to announce a brand new integration with Conversio!

Thanks to your request, all Conversio and Justuno users can now use this integration to supercharge their email marketing efforts.


What does Conversio do?

Conversio is an “all-in-one marketing dashboard” that can pretty much run your marketing on auto-pilot.

It’s an app that automates marketing in email, abandoned carts, follow-up flows and email purchase receipts.

With the Justuno + Conversio integration, you can capture email addresses on your site, then push those emails into Conversio for targeted marketing.

Check out this video to see how the Conversio and Justuno integration happens (it’s really easy)


How to Send Email Addresses from Justuno to Conversio


Want to grow your Conversio lists?

Email list building is a key success factor in any e-commerce business! Take your marketing efforts to the next level today by integrating Justuno and Conversio!

If you’re already a Conversio user and want to build your list, sign up for a free Justuno account today.

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