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434% Increase in email subscriber Sign ups with BelovedShirts.com

Jun 17, 2013 10:59:00 AM  |  BY: Corey Snow

 beloved_casestudyWe did a little experiment with our friends over at Beloved T-Shirts, a rapidly growing company that does subliminated images on clothing (Think, hip, high-quality images on Sweaters and T-shirts). Beloved Shirts had been using Justuno for weeks with great success, but they were only using our basic widget, getting about 40 social followers a day (which is very solid growth, for the record).



The Experiment:

At the beginning of this month, Beloved Shirts switched to using a fun custom tab image. We measured the previous week’s stats (without customization), and then compared it to stats from the first week of customization, and boy were we pleased with the results! 





Take a look at these impressive stats:



And they were able to do all this by simply adding a JPEG of a chimp in less than 2 minutes! You can upload any png, jpeg, gif or animated gif under "Set Up>Widget & Tab". 

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