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How To Increase Twitter Followers

Oct 11, 2013 10:45:00 AM  |  BY: Erik Christiansen

Using Justuno as a social marketing tool to grow your Twitter Followers and Social Leads just got easier. Below we will outline key features of our current "Tweet for an Offer" and by popular demand the new option to simply gate offers with the "Follow" option.

twitter followers

Option 1: Require website visitors to Tweet to receive your social offer (with an optional "Follow" after they tweet) twitter tweets

This setting can be accessed under "Set up > Social Accounts" FAQ: Question: Why do you automatically add in our url and Twitter handle? Answer: This is done because the Twitter API allows for users to edit Tweets prior to Tweeting. By automatically adding in your information Justuno can ensure that the key links are included with all Tweets sent out. Expert Tip: Our message was strategically written in the following ways: 1) Included hash tag #socialmedia 2) Short marketing message that anyone would be ok with sharing. 3) Knowing our Justuno.com and @justunosocial were going to be  added by default at the end of the Tweet,  we ended our text in the set up using the word "with".

Option 2: Require users to Twitter "Follow" A new, simpler and highly demanded solution which was recently added to Justuno is the option to focus on growing your Twitter Following. With this option leads on your website are simply asked to become a Follower, becoming available for retargeting in future social marketing campaigns. This social feature can be activated within the same social network settings as the Twitter Tweet option.

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 What Is Justuno?

Justuno is a suite of tools for ecommerce marketing that gives you the ability to create and manage incentivized promotions allowing you to increase sales conversions, build email lists, and get social fans! The Dashboard also includes behavioral targeting rules, exit intent offers, and customizable tabs and pop ups. Revamp your social media marketing and increase Twitter followers! Justuno can seamlessly integrate with any website and email client making it easy for you to set up your always free account today!

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