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What Qualifies as a "Use"?

Sep 18, 2014 3:32:00 PM  |  BY: Grant Thomas


Crazy_cat_lady_couponWe at Justuno have received some questions on the definition of a "use" or "incentive". A "use" is when a site visitor interacts with your widget and receives an offer. An interaction with the widget is an email opt-in, Facebook like, Twitter follow, or another available option offered on your promotion. You can present your offer to visitors as many times as you'd like and visitors can view it as much as they want.

A "use" is only recorded when a visitor accepts and receives an offer. If my explanation still has you scratching your head then check out the video below. Our very own Jenna tells you everything you need to know about a "use".

It's our job to help your business to succeed which is why our plans are based purely on obtaining results. You can be confident that Justuno is producing tangible ROI in the form of email opt-ins, fans, and sales conversions. We offer plans for businesses of all shapes and sizes so take your ecommerce marketing to a new level and start capitalizing on your current website traffic today!

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