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New Advanced Behavioral Targeting Rule for Selecting HTML Elements

Jul 23, 2014 1:30:00 PM  |  BY: Travis Logan

With our recently launched matching elements targeting rules, you can now tell justuno to auto pop open your offer based on the exists of certain HTML elements on the page.  This opens up an almost limitless amount of opportunity to highly customize your behavioral targeting rules.

Here's a few examples of usage

  • You only want to show the pop-up to people who have more then $x.xx amount in their shopping cart
  • You only want to show the pop-up to users who are logged in
  • Maybe you want to show a free shipping offer that says, "Coupon good for free shipping for orders over $x.xx", but you don't want to show it if they are over $100 because you automatically give free shipping on those orders, so you want to show them a different offer.

Well that's all doable now with our matching element targeting rules.

Here's a quick video demonstration of a couple examples:


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Justuno is a suite of tools for ecommerce marketing that gives you the ability to create and manage incentivized promotions allowing you to increase sales conversions, build email lists, and get social fans! The Dashboard also includes custom behavioral targeting rules, exit intent offers, and customizable tabs and pop ups. Justuno can seamlessly integrate with any website and email client making it easy for you to set up your always free account today!

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