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Official Justuno Austin Office Cichlid Fish Tank

Mar 14, 2016 9:17:55 AM  |  BY: Travis Logan

Austin's latest employees include snails, catfish, cichlids, sharks and barbs:

At 35 years old, I've always wanted a big fish tank.  Outside of a small gold fish tank I had when I lived in San Francisco, I've never had the luxury of having to change 20 gallons of water once a week.  But now I do and I'm super excited about it!  


We have the following fish:

  • variety of African and South American Cichlids
  • one Rainbow Shark
  • one Catfish
  • one Rainbow Fish
  • one Barb (the rest didn't make it)
  • two Snails.  
We went through some up and down and some fish were lost on the way, but we now have a happy 60 gallon fish tank up and running.  Watching these guys grow quickly has been fun and they come to you when you walk by the tank.  I also got lucky in that there is a drain and faucet hookups right behind the tank which makes the only annoying part of maintaning a tank much much easier.

Remember, a dead fish can float downstream, but it takes a live one to swim upstream.

 - "W. C. Fields"


Update 5/17/2016

Our friends over at Petco sent me this amazingly helpful infographic on how to choose your fresh water fish for compatibility.  I think all Fish stores should have one of these laminated and hung up in the fish department.  This would have saved my tank some serious carniage.  Thanks Petco!



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