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Rock.com Reduces Excess Inventory by 65% While Building Email List by 400%

Sep 25, 2014 1:02:00 PM  |  BY: Grant Thomas



With a killer domain name and seven years of online staying power, Rock.com is the #1 place to go for authentic music and entertainment merch! As a seasoned retailer, Rock.com's lead singer, Steve Newman, found our conversion rate optimization platform to improve his business and customer experience.



Opportunity 1: Excess Inventory

Steve needed help clearing excess inventory, specifically merchandise with only one or two items left in stock. Sound familiar? These “onesies and twosies,” as Steve called them, take up paid inventory space and it’s difficult to determine when that inventory is going to sell.

With e-commerce and drop shipping retailers, it’s especially easy to overlook inventory management when you aren’t physically seeing your inventory. However, this area can make or break your business because the single SKU’s or last items take up space in your inventory and website that could be occupied by merchandise that has a better chance of selling. To put it simply, you're paying for it in one way or another.

“When down to one or two items, get it out and clear out the system. Otherwise, you risk clogging your system. To grow, it’s best to bring in new inventory and reduce storage costs.” - Steve Newman, Rock.com


Justuno Excess Inventory Solution:

By adding the promotion below to Rock.com’s homepage, Steve was able to clear through over 65% of his onesies and twosies! Steve created a “Deals” section and used Justuno to advertise heavy discounts on all these items with limited inventory in order to clear space for new inventory. Rock.com visitors are now immediately alerted of the insane savings they can receive right when they arrive to the site. This allowed Steve to sell products that wouldn’t normally sell, bring in new inventory and reduce storage costs.

Check out the deals on Rock.com by clicking the image below!



Opportunity 2: Own Customers Through Email List Building

Email still remains the #1 way to market to your customers because it's the most direct channel to customers. Steve uses email marketing through Constant Contact to retarget his customers with info on new merch, content, and sales. According to a SeeWhy report, 99% of visitors won't buy in their first visit. Therefore, It's imperative for Steve to capture emails in order to drive traffic back to Rock.com. Prior to the Justuno campaigns, Rock.com was capturing on average only 10 emails per day, a respectable number of email acquisitions. After implementing on-site promotions he saw his email capture grow to an astounding average of 50 emails per day!


Opportunity 3: Value of Onsite vs Offsite Customers

Currently, Rock.com sells merchandise through their own branded website and through other marketplaces like Amazon and eBay with partner ChannelAdvisor, a cloud-based e-commerce software company that enables retailers to reach customers through multiple channels. While using marketplaces are great for reaching more buyers and filling a revenue base, channels like Amazon do not release any customer info to third party sellers. So while you are increasing revenue by using marketplaces, you aren’t acquiring customers. Marketplaces are not ideal for developing a customer base for a sustainable long term business.

It is this reason why Steve prefers to sell directly from Rock.com and by increasing email subscribers and sales conversion rates on-site with Justuno, he continues to grow and has acquired long term customers.

Opportunity 4: Unbranded Pop Up

Steve and his team at Rock.com wanted to create a pop up that fit the culture of their site and one that would increase conversions as well. Custom branded pop ups result in up to 4X the conversions compared to generic pop ups and result in a more organic website experience for visitors. Steve got creative with Justuno and created a custom pop up promotion that fit perfectly with the design and brand of Rock.com. Steve is very happy with the results in design and conversions since implementation and it continues to be an awesome example of the customization you can achieve with Justuno.


Use Different Promotions

Have a purpose with your promotions. Offering discounts in order to clear out inventory is just one way. Offer free shipping on your cart page to incentivize visitors to complete their purchase. Run a sweepstakes for a big ticket item to acquire a large number of emails without discounting products. These are just a few of the many promotions that you can run on your site with assistance from Justuno.

Marketplace vs Own Website

Marketplaces are beneficial for sales and exposure of products but not for the long term. You need your own e-commerce site in order to acquire long term customers. Retargeting and email marketing strategies and will help you grow your business but only if you acquire new customers.

Custom Design

Having a well branded site is going to have a positive impact on customers and they are more likely to buy from a site that is put together in a visually pleasing way. Make sure your promotions fit right in with your brand with Justuno's customizable pop ups. 


Do you use Justuno in a unique way to convert your visitors? We'd love to hear your ideas. Share your creative uses for Justuno in the comments below!  

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