All Millennials Are Not Created Equal

Oct 20, 2016 9:49:10 AM | BY: Melanie Alfano

I grew up with antenna TV (before cable), watched movies on VHS, recorded songs from the radio on blank audio cassettes and used the library’s card catalog and encyclopedias to research my school papers.

I also witnessed the personal computing revolution, learning the primitive technology of years ago and then watching it morph into what it’s become today. Nowadays, I stream internet on my Smart TV and automate my life with the latest apps for convenience.


How to Rock Your Back-to-School Sales & Marketing [Infographic]

Aug 11, 2016 10:13:33 AM | BY: Guest Post

Back-to-school shopping season is here which provides a huge opportunity for online retailers. 68% of Q3 revenue comes from back-to-school shopping (Click to Tweet). With the majority of seasonal sales coming during August, right now is the best time to ramp up your marketing efforts.


Using Traffic Source Segmentation to Boost Website Conversions and Marketing ROI

Nov 24, 2015 2:17:31 PM | BY: Grant Thomas

Every day, you deal with website traffic from multiple sources. We can determine different characteristics of visitors based on traffic source. For example, traffic from Facebook ads will primarily be first time visitors who are likely to be window shopping.

The problem with many websites is that they are marketing to all traffic sources in the same manner. This results in inconsistent messaging, missed website conversion opportunities, and a generic website experience.

Here's where we can use conversion rate optimization. By using tracking URL’s, you can easily segment based on traffic source allowing you to present relevant and personalized content. This means better onsite conversion rates and increased ROI from PPC and email marketing campaigns.



6 Targeted Promotions to Use for Increasing Sales Conversions

Sep 15, 2015 11:14:30 AM | BY: Grant Thomas


I recently had an exchange with an ecommerce entrepreneur on a forum about pop up promotions. I was going over the various ways of strategically using website pop ups to drive more conversions through targeting specific visitors, actions, and pages on site. His response: There’s nothing strategic about using pop ups.

The response from this retailer, who shall remain nameless, displays a problem that I see with a lot of struggling ecommerce businesses: a lack of definitive strategy and purpose. Of course, you want to sell more, but how do you plan to accomplish this?

The Strategy Behind Website Pop Ups

Ecommerce marketing is about presenting relevant products and information to the right people. With the availability of targeting and segmentation, businesses now have the ability to create a more personalized and relevant shopping experience. 

An ecommerce retailer is going to have new visitors, repeat visitors, returning customers, pesky cart abandoners, visitors from around the world, and so on. The reality is that you need to engage types of visitors differently and pop up promotions allow you to do this in a number of ways. Now, here’s a list of 6 strategic ways to use pop up promotions for personalization and conversion optimization.

In this post you'll learn who and what pages to target with your promotions


Which promotions to present to get visitors to convert.


3 Behavioral Insights to Help Your Ecommerce Site Sell More

Aug 12, 2015 10:19:31 AM | BY: Guest Post

This is a guest post from Tracy Vides. 


At last count, there were anywhere between 12 and 24 million ecommerce stores live on the internet. The actual number of ecommerce sites worldwide is not monitored by anybody, but one can say with reasonable confidence that the figure lies somewhere between those two extremes.


Introducing our latest targeting rule - "Scroll past a certain point on your page"

Oct 22, 2014 7:24:00 PM | BY: Travis Logan

Some of our customers have asked us "Is there a way to have the tab or popup show once the user has scrolled our web page down below the main fold?"

Well now there's a way, watch this quick video demonstration on how to setup a targeting rule for it.


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