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How to Enable Traffic Segmentation with Geo-targeting

Nov 15, 2017 2:24:03 PM  |  BY: Jenna Ochoa



Segmenting the traffic that’s coming to your site by geolocation is a powerful way to introduce and convert more from your Justuno offers.

By geo-targeting your traffic, you automatically provide a heightened and more personal online shopping experience when the visitor sees messaging tailored to their location.

And we all know a good shopping UX is key to conversion!

Let’s look at a couple of use cases for implementing geo-targeted marketing practices...

Show Targeted Offers or Messaging to A Specific Country


If you’re receiving traffic from different countries, it’s in your best interest to cater offers and messaging to that particular geo-location. This is going to provide a more seamless experience for visitors and can result an increase in conversion rates. Here are a few common use cases for targeting visitors by country:

  • Present different shipping options and offers based on the visitor’s country
  • Present unique copy, imagery, and offerings based on the visitor’s country
  • Present messaging in native language based on the visitor’s country


Here’s how to show a targeted offer or message to specific countries (hint: very popular for Free Shipping):


How to Show Targeted Offers or Messaging to Specific States & Zip Codes


There are many effective use cases for segmenting your traffic by state and even zip code. Here are a few:

  • Show targeted offers to visitors in a specific city/state
  • Show specific messaging for a popup shop happening in a specific area
  • Offer an in-store discount to website visitors (can help clear inventory in a physical location and/or drive more foot traffic)

Here’s how you can use Justuno to geo-target by state and/or zip code:


See It In Action




Earlier this year, we posted a case study about how Shopify Plus & Justuno client, Ridge Wallet, used a geo-targeted, simple Unobar to display a Free Shipping offer.

Click here to read how they converted 4.9% on mobile >

Set Up Your Own Geo-targeted Offer or Message


If you have questions about setting one of these promos up, contact your dedicated Justuno rep (linked up in your Dashboard).



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